Introducing Log Gap Caps – Perfect for Sealing Around Doors and Windows

log gap cap foam insert

No more hand cutting foam inserts before caulking around your doors and windows! The Log Gap Cap™ reduces air infiltration where round logs meet window and door trim. Though designed to work with 6″ to 10″ diameter logs, the Log Gap Cap’s uniform shape fits most log profiles. With an easy scissor cut along the flat side, they work in log siding applications. The material is resistant to mold, rot, bacteria, and will not absorb moisture. A perfect companion to Energy Seal applications. Check out step by step instructions on using Log Gap Caps below:

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2 thoughts on “Introducing Log Gap Caps – Perfect for Sealing Around Doors and Windows”

    1. Hi Jim, The Log Gap Caps run $32.00 for a box of 50 inserts. Shipping will be $13.00 via FedEx to anywhere in the continental United States.
      We will make sure to get the pricing up on our website. We appreciate your questions!

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