How to Restore Weathered Wood

It’s summer. You have a deck, and want to use it. But every time you look out on your backyard, the dull, faded tones of your deck make you want to close the blinds, and never go outside again.

example of deck before and after X-180

What about bleach? You can use household bleach to brighten wood, for sure. Just like your clothes, it lightens the wood’s color and kills some mildew. But, getting any amount of bleach on plant foliage will cause plants to lose their leaves, and you’ll be getting bleach everywhere, where your kids, pets, and plants live. Definitely not fun for the whole family.

X-180: The Solution to Gray, Faded Wood

But wait! Your deck was beautiful once, and it can be again. Today I’m going to share with you a little known secret that contractors use to make old wood look like new. It’s called, X-180 Weathered Wood Restorer.

Log home before and after using X-180
LogFinish customer using x-180, showing his progress on his log home

Even though it sounds like a sports car (and it certainly performs like one), X-180 is the all-in-one solution to faded, dirt-covered, mildew or fungus-ridden wood. Whatever is making your wooden deck or home look sad, X-180 is the trick to get it looking great again. 

Oh, and if you have mill glaze on your new wood, it can fix that too.

I had a pretty small but pretty important job at our “new” 1956 mid-century modern house. The front entryway had rough paneling (maybe Western Fir?) that had been badly neglected. It was very dirty, weathered, and gray – and just kinda ugly. After much thoughtful and patient consulting with your staff, we selected the X-180 for cleaning – WOW! That stuff is amazing! The wood came clean and popped out red, like cedar.

~ Al, Athens, GA 

X-180 neutralizes paint strippers, stain strippers, and bleach solutions. It even restores the natural pH of the wood, which is important for the longevity of the wood. You still have to rinse it off, but the runoff is biodegradable, so it won’t harm the environment.

Everyone here can’t believe the results with X-180, and they are tough to convince about any product!

~ Steve W., Contractor

From small projects to the whole house, if you have weathered wood, X-180 Weathered Wood Restorer is the smart choice. It will save you many hours of work, and the environment at the same time.

The LogFinish Difference

When you buy X-180 from LogFinish, we include free, detailed directions, carefully crafted over many years to help you avoid the common problems people have when applying X-180. And we are always on call if you have any questions or issues. Just give us a ring at 888-208-2248, or email us:, and we can help you get your summer project started!

Deck that used Seal-Once Nano Plus Poly Premium Wood Sealer for Siding Logs and DecksP.S. If you just clean your wood and forget about it, your wood will turn gray and gross again very quickly. While you have your tools out, make the smart investment and protect the wood for the sun’s UV damage, and water. We recommended Seal-Once Nano + Poly Premium Wood Sealer for Siding, Logs and Decks. This new product is a revolution in the industry, and how it protects your home, and the environment. Learn why here.

Get Your Deck Ready for Summer with These Tips

Summertime is fast approaching. Take a moment to review these tips for maintaining your deck so you can enjoy your time outside when the warm weather arrives.


1. Clear the deck– Remove all deck furniture, grills and potted plants, etc.

2. Sweep – To prevent mildew and algae growth remove all loose dirt and leaves accumulated on the deck floor. Use the broom to remove any cobwebs or loose dirt on railings.

3. Remove debris– To help prevent rot, remove any debris that may be caught between deck boards with a putty knife. Also, take this time to remove leaves and debris from gutters that may be overhanging the deck.  Doing this will make sure water is being diverted away from the deck floors and your exterior walls.

4. Wash– Once all loose debris is removed wet down the deck with a hose and apply a quality wood cleaner like Log Wash. To brighten and remove discoloration or gray wood, use X-180 Weathered Wood Restorer, KleenStart or All Wood Cleaner.

5. Dry – Allow wood to dry completely (usually 2-4 dry days) before moving deck furniture, etc back onto the deck.

6. Clear away vegetation – Take time to clear away leaves, dried pine needles, branches or dead vegetation around the perimeters of the deck to help protect your home from potential fire under very dry conditions.


1. Floor boards – Check boards for damage, rot, warping, cracking and stability. Remove and replace all popped nails and screws or rusted hardware.

2. Structural supports – Inspect all post, beams, joists and the ledger (area where deck is attached to the house) for rot, stability, cracks and damage. Make sure all hardware is is good condition and with no rust.

3. Railings – Give the railings a good tug and make sure they are secure. Check for rot with special attention to areas where the spindles connect to the deck floor and the rail.


1. Make all necessary repairs. Replace boards where necessary. Replace rusted hardware with new hardware, etc.


1. Once repairs are completed decide if the wood needs a new coat of stain. We always recommend staying with the brand of stain currently on the deck and apply a maintenance coat as directed by the manufacturer.  If you are not  satisfied with the durability and quality of your current deck finish consider finding a compatible new finish.







Using Wood Renew and Log Wash to get the most out of your Lifeline application

Wood ReNew is a safe, effective cleaner designed to remove mill glaze, mold, mildew, dirt and UV  graying from wood surfaces. If you are planning on applying finish to bare wood that is weathered or has extensive mill glaze  and you have chosen Perma-Chink exterior finishes, consider using Wood ReNew.  Wood ReNew contains a thickener that helps it adhere to log walls and siding. In addition, Wood ReNew will also help remove old worn Perma-Chink Systems exterior finishes.

Log Wash is a pH balanced liquid concentrate for cleaning log and wood surfaces. Use Log Wash to prepare the surface of bare wood for an initial coat of stain and as an annual/semi maintenance cleaner. If you are applying  Perma-Chink exterior finishes to bare wood without mill glaze or your are applying a maintenance coat of Perma-Chink exterior finishes, Log Wash is a great choice.

A part of the Perma-Chink family of products, Wood ReNew and Log Wash are designed to work compatibly with Energy Seal, Checkmate 2, Perma-Chink Log Chinking and all Perma-Chink Systems exterior finishes.  Wood ReNew and Log Wash are the preferred products for use with Perma-Chink Systems finishes.

Both Wood ReNew and Log Wash are available in 1 gallon jugs.


Perfect surface prep with KleenStart before applying Outlast Q8 Log Oil

Outlast KleenStart is part of CTA Products Group that manufactures Outlast Q8 Log Oil. Outlast KleenStart is gentle to wood fibers unlike harsh chlorine treatments. Great for anything wood or vinyl that requires deep down cleaning or brightening. Outlast KleenStart is the preferred cleaner on new construction when Outlast Q8 Log Oil will be applied or cleaning prior to applying a maintenance coat of Outlast Q8 Log Oil.

Uses: Both wood and vinyl siding, decks, roofs (wood,  composite and tile)  tents, full logs, outdoor furniture and fences. Loosens stains caused by mildew and mold for easy rinsing.

  • Biodegradable
  • Non-toxic
  • Contains 100% percarbonate. No fillers added!
  • Interior and exterior use
  • Removes mill glaze
  • Gently lightens grayed UV damaged wood
  • Brightens and cleans
  • Water thin solution- flows easily with a pump-up garden sprayer
  • Easily rinses off by garden hose or low pressure washer. No “slick bleach type” residue requiring excessive rinsing.

For more about applying KleenStart click here.