NEW Seal Once Products for Cleaning, Waterproofing, and Sealing Concrete

Seal Once Products for Cleaning, Waterproofing, and Sealing Concrete

In addition to our log home finishing products, carries the complete Seal-Once line of products for cleaning, waterproofing, and sealing the concrete used in the foundations, crawlspaces and driveways of log and timber frame homes.

As many log and timber frame homes are built on hillsides or mountainsides, controlling moisture and water can be a major issue. Here is a summary of the products we offer and what they can do for you:

 Seal-Once Concrete/Masonry Cleaner

Before sealing any concrete floor, wall, or driveway it is essential that all construction and environmental dirt, mold and mildew  be removed first. Seal-Once Concrete/Masonry Cleaner is a safe to use sodium percarbonate cleaner that will safely and thoroughly clean your concrete prior to waterproofing and or sealing.

Seal-Once Negative Pressure Waterproofer

Do you have an issue with moisture or water coming into a Basement or Crawlspace through your concrete? Negative Pressure Waterproofer forms a gel within the concrete to block water flow up to 15 PSI hydrostatic pressure. Seal-Once Negative Pressure Waterproofer is  non-flammable, non-toxic, and safe to use.

Seal-Once NANO + POLY Concrete & Masonry Sealer

Do you need to seal a concrete surface prior to applying a final finish? Seal-Once NANO + POLY Concrete and Masonry Sealer is a water based, non-toxic, eco-friendly sealer that will not harm pets, plants or people. It goes on milky white, dries clear and cleans up with soap and water. It is a great investment to protect and extend the useful life of your concrete driveway, walkways, patio, pool deck, garage floor, stamped concrete, bricks or pavers. Seal-Once NANO + POLY is also ideal to seal concrete prior to the installation of carpet, tile or laminate flooring.

Free Shipping on All Perma-Chink Products Starting July 1st

cardboard box is now offering free shipping on select Perma-Chink products to the continental United States starting July 1, 2016.  Excludes single tubes of Check Mate 2, Energy Seal and Perma-Chink Log Chinking, Check Mate Kits, 32 oz E-Wood, 24 oz M-Balm. No minimums.

Log Wash Concentrate Wood Renew Concentrated Cleaner Lifeline Ultra 2 Wood Finish Lifeline Ultra 7 Wood Finish Lifeline Advance Top Coat
Lifeline Interior Wood Finish Lifeline Accents Interior and Exterior Lifeline Acrylic Top Coat Energy Seal Log Caulk Perma-Chink Log Chinking
Check Mate 2 Check and Crack Filler Perma-Chink Chink Paint M-Balm E-Wood Shell-Guard RTU


Perfect surface prep with KleenStart before applying Outlast Q8 Log Oil

Outlast KleenStart is part of CTA Products Group that manufactures Outlast Q8 Log Oil. Outlast KleenStart is gentle to wood fibers unlike harsh chlorine treatments. Great for anything wood or vinyl that requires deep down cleaning or brightening. Outlast KleenStart is the preferred cleaner on new construction when Outlast Q8 Log Oil will be applied or cleaning prior to applying a maintenance coat of Outlast Q8 Log Oil.

Uses: Both wood and vinyl siding, decks, roofs (wood,  composite and tile)  tents, full logs, outdoor furniture and fences. Loosens stains caused by mildew and mold for easy rinsing.

  • Biodegradable
  • Non-toxic
  • Contains 100% percarbonate. No fillers added!
  • Interior and exterior use
  • Removes mill glaze
  • Gently lightens grayed UV damaged wood
  • Brightens and cleans
  • Water thin solution- flows easily with a pump-up garden sprayer
  • Easily rinses off by garden hose or low pressure washer. No “slick bleach type” residue requiring excessive rinsing.

For more about applying KleenStart click here.

Safely remove layers of paint on old furniture, cabinets and walls.

Soy Gel is a non-caustic, biodegradable paint stripper that removes multiple layers of paint in one application. Suitable for removal of paint, varnish, urethane, and enamel, Soy Gel does the work with no toxic fumes, no methylene chloride and low odor. Made with 100% USA grown soy beans, it is safe for use indoors. Check out the video below for step-by-step paint removal with Soy Gel and to see Soy Gel in action:


Protect Your Interior Floors and Walls from the “Picture Frame” Effect

Lignins are a class of complex organic polymers that are important in forming the cell walls of wood.  While lignins help make wood an ideal building material because of their part in creating the fibrous nature of wood, lignins are also what makes wood vulnerable to fading and graying when exposed to sun over time.  If wood floors and interior walls are left unprotected from sun exposure over time, a “picture frame” effect may take place. This effect occurs when the wood exposed to sunlight darkens more than the wood that is covered. Through natural processes over time, the ultraviolet light in sunlight darkens the lignin component of wood. The “picture frame effect” can be  prevented by  putting an additive into the first coat of some interior wood finishes. UV boost combines with the lignin in the wood and then delays the breakdown of the lignan fibers, keeping the wood from darkening over time.  UV boost can be added to the first coat on bare wood of any Perma-Chink Systems wood finish.

Product Facts:uv boost container

  • Low odor
  • Non-Toxic
  • For use only in water-based stains & finishes produced by Perma-Chink Systems, Inc.
  • Use in Lifeline Interior and Sure Shine Floor Finish.
  • Available in bottles to treat one and five gallon containers
  • Please note: UV Boost is only effective when used in the first coat of stain or finish applied to bare wood. It is not effective when added to topcoats or stains applied over an existing finish.

For more product information click here.





Remove carpet and vinyl with this dust-free, safe alternative to traditional grinders or chemical softeners

black mastic removal with bean-e-doo

Pull up old carpet or tile and give your home interior a facelift this Winter. Made with the DIY-er in mind, Bean-e-doo Mastic Remover is a non-toxic, cost-effective, dust-free alternative for mastic removal to many of the chemical mastic removers and grinders available today. Bean-e-doo is also made in the USA with renewable resources. Have an old floor covering to remove that has asbestos containing black mastic underneath? Bean-e-doo encapsulates and neutralizes asbestos, making the mastic safe for disposal in the landfill. Appropriate for black, yellow and white mastic.

Complete your project easily when you follow these tips:

  • Make sure all mastic surfaces are fully covered yellow mastic removal with bean-e-doowith Bean-e-doo.
  • Use Bean-e-doo for removing mastic on concrete floors only.
  • Time is a key ingredient in getting great results from Bean-e-doo, so make sure to let the Bean-e-doo soak for a long period. Reserve anywhere from 4-24 hours for the Bean-e-doo to work its magic.
  • All you need for application is a long handheld brush or broom.

For clean up make sure you have the following:

  • Long handled scraper or squeegee
  • Commercial absorbent
  • Shovel
  • Mop
  • Degreaser (Emerge or Dawn-like dish detergent)
  • Trash Bags

Check out Bean-e-doo coverage and dwell time in the chart below:

Mastic Type Mastic Color Approximate Dwell Time Coverage
Asbestos Mastic black 1-4 hours 100-150 SF per gallon
Vinyl, Latex, or Acrylic Mastic yellow 4-24 hours Up to 100-150 SF per gallon
Ceramic Tile Mastic yellow, white 4-24 hours Up to 100-150 SF per gallon

Checkout this recent testimonial from one of our customers:

“If I could give this product 10 stars I would. We were amazed with the result. Having purchased a home built in 1963 we removed the carpeting and discovered old asbestos tiles beneath. When we pulled them up we were met with an awful stench and the black mastic adhesive that was used to lay the tiles 52 years ago. I read about Bean-e-doo and we thought we’d give it a try. We applied it to 1/4 of the bedroom area with a broom, as recommended. We waited 1 hour but didn’t get the results we wanted so we waited an additional hour and were amazed at what we saw. We used a string mop and hot water in an old bucket to mop up the product and in no time at all…there was the concrete floor and no more smelly, black mastic adhesive. We’re looking forward to removing the rest of the adhesive in one room and finishing with a second room tomorrow. I’m so glad we found your product and now we’ll feel safe and odor free when we’re ready to lay our new flooring next week. I highly recommend this product and wish we were able to purchase it locally through a hardware store or Home Depot. There are many old homes in our area and I plan to spread the word about Bean-e-doo.” Renee, Customer

Check out Bean-e-doo in Action :



Introducing Log Gap Caps – Perfect for Sealing Around Doors and Windows

log gap cap foam insert

No more hand cutting foam inserts before caulking around your doors and windows! The Log Gap Cap™ reduces air infiltration where round logs meet window and door trim. Though designed to work with 6″ to 10″ diameter logs, the Log Gap Cap’s uniform shape fits most log profiles. With an easy scissor cut along the flat side, they work in log siding applications. The material is resistant to mold, rot, bacteria, and will not absorb moisture. A perfect companion to Energy Seal applications. Check out step by step instructions on using Log Gap Caps below:

log cap caps log home



Should You Choose Energy Seal or Perma-Chink? is a stocking distributor of Perma-Chink products. The following article was provided to for re-publication by Perm-Chink Systems, LLC.

Which Log Home Sealant Should I Use?

We are asked this question very frequently about our two biggest selling log home sealants. Both of these sealants were formulated to weatherproof joinery in log and log sided buildings. Our simplest answer is that in general, Perma-Chink should be used in applications where the seam width is one inch or wider and Energy Seal is a better choice in sealant seams that are narrower than one inch or where joinery was not intended to have chinking applied to it. However, this answer is overly simplistic when you consider the variety of log profiles and joinery types and many different surfaces that come together to make up a finished log structure.

What is the Difference?

Log Home Interior Using Perma-Chink®

Perma-Chink is our original log home sealant (and the company namesake). It was formulated to look like the concrete mortar that was typically used on full-log construction at that time. It is the original elastic log home sealant. Today Perma-Chink is available in eight different colors, some of which look like concrete, the others are various wood tones.

Log Home Interior Using Energy Seal™
energy seal

Energy Seal was formulated at the request of our customers at a much later date. These customers had homes that were usually built with log profiles that did not use chinking, but required weatherproofing some time after they were finished and in use. Because the application surfaces were never intended for a sealant application, they don’t have proper geometry that includes a caulking well to allow for sealant and backing material installation. Consequently, we formulated Energy Seal to have higher elongation performance. Energy Seal comes in a wide selection of 12 colors for customers who would prefer to conceal the sealant or even to match the chinking on their log home.

es-pcEnergy Seal is a Better Choice in the Following Situations:

In general, Energy Seal is a better choice for very demanding, narrow seam application where more stretch is required in a narrow sealant seam. It is also the best choice if you would like the sealant to blend in with the wood surface and not be easily seen. Energy Seal is an excellent choice for use in sealing around doors and windows, butt joints, corners, and junctions between log walls and other surfaces such as beams, rooflines or framed walls.

Perma-Chink is a Better Choice When:

Many log homes are designed, manufactured and constructed with chinking an integral part of the building envelope. Perma-Chink is the clear choice in this situation.  Additionally, Perma Chink is ideal to use when sealing up the junction between wood walls and concrete, brick or stone features like fireplaces, stone accents and walls.

Product Spotlight: Keep Your Home Insect Free, Naturally!


Do you have Carpenter Bees or boring wasps that are drilling holes in your wood?  Ladybugs in the eaves and nooks of your roof and attic? Silverfish coming from your basement? It’s never too early to start thinking about protecting your home from the pesky insects that come out around March or April.   Treat all of these and many more with Outlast™NBS 30, an all-natural, plant oil-based insect repellent.

The benefits of NBS 30 include:

  • Mixes easily with both oil and water-based paints and stains          
  • Can be mixed easily with water for spray application
  • Repels crawling and nesting insects
  • Discourages Carpenter Ants and Bees
  • Reduces Ladybug Infestations
  • All Natural Ingredients
  • 100% Botanical
  • Safe for Pets and People
  • Will Not Harm Plants
  • Extremely Low Toxicity 

 NBS 30 additive is designed for use in exterior oil or water-based coatings where it encapsulates the NBS 30 to provide a “time release” insect repellent.  NBS 30 will deter and inhibit insects from burrowing through or crawling on exterior coatings, and can be used in residential settings as well as dairy facilities, restaurants, parks, playgrounds, agricultural settings, schools, zoos, etc.  NBS 30 is effective in controlling crawling and nesting activity on painted or stained surfaces to which it has been added.  Ants, cockroaches, beetles, mites, spiders, fleas, ticks, silverfish, dirt daubers, bees and wasps are deterred from crawling on, nesting on or burrowing through coatings treated with NBS 30 Additive.

For more information on NBS 30 click here.


Product Spotlight: Lead-Out Lead Paint Remover, Removing lead paint is finally easy, safe and affordable!

No more complicated, dangerous and unsafe lead paint removal!

Franmar has developed a revolutionary paint stripper that renders lead paint non-hazardous for safe removal and inexpensive disposal.  Made from soybeans, LEAD OUT™uses a special patented Molecular Bonding System or MBS® that reacts with lead at the molecular level to alter the lead compounds to a non-hazardous compound. The result is a simple and affordable way to safely remove lead-paint.

Because the lead in the paint is converted to a non-hazardous product, waste disposal is easy and inexpensive. LEAD OUT™will remove multiple layers (20+) of lead paint, latex, oil paints, enamels, varnish and urethane in one application and even cleans up with a simple degreaser such as Franmar’s EMERGE Surface Degreaser or Dawn dish detergent.

Once clean up is complete, surfaces treated with LEAD OUT™ consistently produce test results well below the EPA’s lead safe limits.

LEAD OUT™ contains no methylene chlorides,  is non-caustic and is 100% biodegradable.

LEAD OUT™ is safe to use on wood, brick, stone, metal, plaster and concrete.

For a look at LEAD OUT™ in action, check out our video: Lead Out Lead Paint Remover in Action

For more information on LEAD OUT™ from click here.