Envirosoy Terms & Conditions

Subject to change without notice

The Envirosoy Terms & Conditions below explain how we handle shipping and returns of your product.

Check Your Shipment First

Inspect your shipment on arrival and notify us of any shipping damage. EnviroSoy.com will file a claim with UPS to replace damaged products. In some cases we may request a photo of the damaged merchandise for UPS to review. Check to see that you have received all items ordered as there may be some backordered products. Do not open the actual container until you are ready to use the product. Store your products in above freezing temperatures per manufacturer’s instructions.

Return and Credit Policy

All returns should be shipped with prior authorization from: EnviroSoy.com, 446 Turner Rd., Rutherfordton, NC 28139 via FedEx Ground. We cannot accept returns shipped from the US Post Office. EnviroSoy.com WILL NOT accept returns on products after 30 days from purchase date.
A restock/repackage fee of $10.00 applies to each returned item. All products are to be returned in the original shipping carton and in saleable condition. UPS Call Tag Pickup and Return Shipping Service rate is $30 per 5 gallon bucket. This same rate applies for items refused and shipped back to EnviroSoy.com
Credits will be issued to the customer only after the product has been received and inspected for damage according to the above stated requirements by the EnviroSoy.com Warehouse Manager.
Open containers are not eligible for return.


Buyers and users of these products are responsible for all loss or damage from misuse or handling of products which results from conditions beyond the control of Seller, including, but not limited to, incompatibility with other products, unless otherwise expressly provided in the “Directions for Use” of these products, weather conditions, or other environmental conditions which are outside of the ranges that are generally recognized as being conducive to good industrial and/or application practices.

EnviroSoy.com (Seller) warrants to those persons lawfully acquiring title to this product that at the time of the first sale of this product by Seller that this product conforms to its chemical or other description and was reasonably fit for the purposes stated on the label when used in accordance with Seller’s direction sunder normal conditions of use and Buyers and users of this product assume the risk of any use contrary to such directions. EnviroSoy.com makes no other express or implied warranty, including any other express or implied warranty of fitness or of merchant ability and no agent of seller is authorized to do so. In no event shall Seller’s liability for any breach of warranty exceed the purchase price of the material as to which a claim is made. EnviroSoy.com is not responsible for product breakdown or labor due to improper application or storage.