5 Reasons To Clean Your Log Home This Weekend

 1.  Maintain the beauty and functionality of your exterior finish.

2.  Dust, pollen, and other airborne gunk provide a food source for all kinds of ugly fungal growth on your logs.

3.  If you added a contact insecticide to your exterior stain:  dirt accumulating on the exterior surface of your home will prevent bugs from contacting the treated surface and the attempt at bug-be-gone just won’t happen.

4.  Helps you spend some quality time with the exterior of your home by getting a good look at the physical condition of your logs/siding to see if there are any areas that need caulking or chinking.

5. A regular gentle cleaning of the exterior of your home can extend the life of the finish making less work for you in the long run.
Remember: A complete and regular maintenance schedule will save you money and time!


To find instructions on cleaning your log home and why we strongly recommend you don’t use bleach:  Cleaning Your Log Home