How to Seal Drafty Windows on Your Log Home

stop drafty windows on your log home example

With the cold weather creeping in, drafty windows can be a big issue. It’s more important than ever to make sure your home is properly sealed off from the harsh weather outdoors.

Many log cabin owners struggle with drafty windows, but do not understand the full reason behind them. Good insulation can only do so much when your home is a log cabin. The cracks between the logs are the primary reason for the draftiness.

The solution is the combination of the Log Gap Cap and Log Builder Log Home Caulk, or Conceal Textured Caulk for Wood from These two products work together to fill any window gaps between your home and window to keep out the cold. 

Step 1: Tape off the areas to be sealed around the drafty window

to stop Drafty Windows first tape up the side of your logs near the window

There’s no reason to get any product where it isn’t needed. So with the tape, you’ll protect the areas that don’t need any product. Use painter’s tape (available at any hardware store) to protect the wood surface.

Step 2: Insert Log Gap Cap behind drafty window

stop Drafty Windows first with log gap caps in gaps

The Log Gap Cap is a piece of pre-cut foam created for the purpose of sealing cracks and gaps around windows. These are proven to increase energy efficiency. They are built to be resistant to mold, rot, and bacteria. They will NOT absorb any moisture.

Step 3: Apply Conceal or Log Builder according to directions. Smooth it to ensure a tight seal.

Drafty Windows now sealed with log builder

This caulk is designed to absorb any log movement while simultaneously keeping a watertight seal. Log Builder and Conceal will not crack and peel away like other caulks. It is created to keep water, air, bugs, and more out of your home and last the test of time.

Step 4: Remove the tape after smoothing and before the sealant skins over. Finally, step back and enjoy your handiwork. 

after caulking the end of Drafty Windows

Now’s the time you can kick back and enjoy your properly sealed log cabin! No more drafty windows!

Get the supplies you need to seal your drafty windows here

Log Gap Caps for Log Siding

Log Gap Caps for Full Log Insulation

Log Builder Log Home Caulk

Conceal Textured Caulk for Wood

Thank you to our friends at Sashco for sharing this great info!