NEW Seal Once Products for Cleaning, Waterproofing, and Sealing Concrete

Seal Once Products for Cleaning, Waterproofing, and Sealing Concrete

In addition to our log home finishing products, carries the complete Seal-Once line of products for cleaning, waterproofing, and sealing the concrete used in the foundations, crawlspaces and driveways of log and timber frame homes.

As many log and timber frame homes are built on hillsides or mountainsides, controlling moisture and water can be a major issue. Here is a summary of the products we offer and what they can do for you:

 Seal-Once Concrete/Masonry Cleaner

Bottle of Seal-Once concrete and masonry cleanerBefore sealing any concrete floor, wall, or driveway it is essential that all construction and environmental dirt, mold and mildew  be removed first. Seal-Once Concrete/Masonry Cleaner is a safe to use sodium percarbonate cleaner that will safely and thoroughly clean your concrete prior to waterproofing and or sealing.

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Seal-Once Negative Pressure Waterproofer

Bottle of Seal-Once negative pressure waterproofer

Do you have an issue with moisture or water coming into a Basement or Crawlspace through your concrete? Negative Pressure Waterproofer forms a gel within the concrete to block water flow up to 15 PSI hydrostatic pressure. Seal-Once Negative Pressure Waterproofer is  non-flammable, non-toxic, and safe to use.

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Seal-Once NANO + POLY Concrete & Masonry Sealer

Container of Seal-Once NANO plus poly concrete and masonry sealerDo you need to seal a concrete surface prior to applying a final finish? Seal-Once NANO + POLY Concrete and Masonry Sealer is a water based, non-toxic, eco-friendly sealer that will not harm pets, plants or people. It goes on milky white, dries clear and cleans up with soap and water. It is a great investment to protect and extend the useful life of your concrete driveway, walkways, patio, pool deck, garage floor, stamped concrete, bricks or pavers. Seal-Once NANO + POLY is also ideal to seal concrete prior to the installation of carpet, tile or laminate flooring.
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