Product Spotlight: Lead-Out Lead Paint Remover, Removing lead paint is finally easy, safe and affordable!

No more complicated, dangerous and unsafe lead paint removal!

Franmar has developed a revolutionary paint stripper that renders lead paint non-hazardous for safe removal and inexpensive disposal.  Made from soybeans, LEAD OUT™uses a special patented Molecular Bonding System or MBS® that reacts with lead at the molecular level to alter the lead compounds to a non-hazardous compound. The result is a simple and affordable way to safely remove lead-paint.

Because the lead in the paint is converted to a non-hazardous product, waste disposal is easy and inexpensive. LEAD OUT™will remove multiple layers (20+) of lead paint, latex, oil paints, enamels, varnish and urethane in one application and even cleans up with a simple degreaser such as Franmar’s EMERGE Surface Degreaser or Dawn dish detergent.

Once clean up is complete, surfaces treated with LEAD OUT™ consistently produce test results well below the EPA’s lead safe limits.

LEAD OUT™ contains no methylene chlorides,  is non-caustic and is 100% biodegradable.

LEAD OUT™ is safe to use on wood, brick, stone, metal, plaster and concrete.

For a look at LEAD OUT™ in action, check out our video: Lead Out Lead Paint Remover in Action

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