Protect Your Interior Floors and Walls from the “Picture Frame” Effect

sun faded wood floor

Lignins are a class of complex organic polymers that are important in forming the cell walls of wood.  While lignins help make wood an ideal building material because of their part in creating the fibrous nature of wood, lignins are also what makes wood vulnerable to fading and graying when exposed to sun over time.  If wood floors and interior walls are left unprotected from sun exposure over time, a “picture frame” effect may take place. This effect occurs when the wood exposed to sunlight darkens more than the wood that is covered. Through natural processes over time, the ultraviolet light in sunlight darkens the lignin component of wood. The “picture frame effect” can be  prevented by  putting an additive into the first coat of some interior wood finishes. UV boost combines with the lignin in the wood and then delays the breakdown of the lignan fibers, keeping the wood from darkening over time.  UV boost can be added to the first coat on bare wood of any Perma-Chink Systems wood finish.

Product Facts:uv boost container

  • Low odor
  • Non-Toxic
  • For use only in water-based stains & finishes produced by Perma-Chink Systems, Inc.
  • Use in Lifeline Interior and Sure Shine Floor Finish.
  • Available in bottles to treat one and five gallon containers
  • Please note: UV Boost is only effective when used in the first coat of stain or finish applied to bare wood. It is not effective when added to topcoats or stains applied over an existing finish.

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