Tips for Winterizing Your Wood Home

October is coming on fast, and that means it’s time to winterize your wood home. You may have cold weather already, or it could be just around the corner, but taking these simple steps to winterize now means your home will be protected and toasty warm before cold temperatures are here to stay.

Inspect Your Logs

If you have temperatures above 50 degrees, you can still re-coat your home and decks with a wood finish. Following recommended maintenance schedules protects the integrity of the wood, enhances the beauty of your home and saves you money over time.

Wash Wood Surfaces

Wood exterior surfaces collect a lot of dirt, dust and pollen. Fall is a great time to wash down your wood home. We recommend washing with Log Wash for light surface cleaning. Log Wash is super easy to use! All it requires is a pump up sprayer and a garden hose with a spray attachment.

Fill Checks and Gaps

Great information from Perma-Chink Systems: Come Fall, lady bugs and box-elder bugs love to congregate on warm log walls, sometimes in the thousands. They too will enter the home through any small openings. The only effective way to keep them out of the home is to prevent them from getting inside by sealing up their entrance points. Pesticides do not work well against these insects and besides, ladybugs are beneficial insects that feed on aphids and other bugs that can harm your plants and shrubs.

Fill upward facing checks in logs, and any gaps around doors, windows, and exterior ventilation openings.  This prevents moisture infiltration from ice, rain and snow and keeps indoor heat from escaping.   Once the weather turns cool, many types of insects start looking for a nice, warm place to spend winter. Cluster flies ( they look like big house flies) can detect warm air coming out of a home from many yards away. They follow the warm air to its source and squeeze through amazingly small cracks. We recommend Energy Seal, and Checkmate 2.

Inspect and Clean Your Gutters

Gutters are an important part of keeping wood in great condition. Clean gutters keep excess water from spilling, splashing and saturating wood surfaces. Make sure all gutters are free of fallen leaves and obstructions.

Inspect Your Landscaping

Trim tree branches resting on your roof or hanging too close to power lines. Rake leaves and excess vegetation away from your foundation to keep unwanted critters and wood boring insects at bay. Dry, brittle pine needles are a potential fire hazard. Reduce your risk by clearing them away from your home and off your roof. If you are in an area prone to natural fires, consider protecting your home with a flame retardant. We recommend Flame Seal Wood Seal.

Clean and Seal Concrete Surfaces

Fall is the perfect time to clean and seal concrete driveways and patios so they hold up to damaging Winter salts and freezing temps. It’s also important to fill cracks while they’re small to prevent spreading and expansion. We recommend Concrete Masonry Cleaner and Seal-Once Concrete & Masonry Waterproofing Sealer.

Perform Marina and Dock maintenance

Pulling up a dock? Clean it  and then seal it with a good waterproofer to protect it from harsh elements. We recommend Seal-Once Marine.

Protect your Patio or Deck Furniture

Give your outdoor furniture a good cleaning and then let dry,  cover and protect for the coming Winter.

Whether you plan to stay in your wood home through the Winter or leave and return in the Spring, properly winterizing protects your home through those cold Winter months and extends its life for many years of enjoyment.