Perma-Chink Products

Here is a complete list of all Perma-Chink brand products we carry.

  • perma chink chinking bucket

    Perma-Chink Log Home Chinking

    Perma-Chink Log Chinking is a flexible, textured, pure acrylic chinking and sealant with unrivaled durability and appearance. It will perform well in any climate for the life of your log home!


  • Perma-Chink Chink Paint

    Perma-Chink Chink Paint

    Chink-Paint is Perma-Chink Systems highly elastomeric, textured latex coating for renewing the appearance or changing the color of synthetic log home chinking.


  • Lifeline Ultra 7 Bucket

    Lifeline Ultra-7 Exterior Finish

    After multiple exposure tests in harsh weather areas across the country Lifeline Ultra-7 stands out as the top-of-the-line, long-lasting exterior finish. Ultra 7 provides your home with appearance, longevity and value in an all-in -one exterior wood finish.


  • wood renew wood cleaner

    Wood Renew Log Cleaning Concentrate

    Wood ReNew is a biodegradable percarbonate-based concentrated wood cleaner that treats water stains and cleans/brightens grayed and weathered wood. Wood ReNew is the preferred cleaner to return bare wood to its original natural color before applying any Perma-Chink Systems  exterior wood finishes. Available in 1 Gallon containers.


  • Lifeline Accents

    Lifeline Accents Interior & Exterior

    Lifeline Accents are the new semi-transparent trim colors from Perma-Chink to highlight the windows, doors, beams and trim on the interior of your log home.


  • Energy Seal Box & Logo

    Energy Seal Log Caulk

    Energy Seal Log Caulk is designed to seal milled and scribed log homes. One application makes any log wall completely weather-tight. ENERGY SEAL has more adhesion and stretch than any other sealant you can buy and is long-lasting, UV-stable and chemical-resistant.


  • E-Wood Epoxy Wood Filler

    E-Wood Epoxy Wood Filler

    E-Wood is a putty-like, non-shrinking, epoxy filler used to fill in missing sections of logs or dimensional wood members to restore strength to deteriorated wood. E-Wood will form a permanent bond to most rigid surfaces. Porous surfaces should always be treated with a compatible, low viscosity epoxy system such as M-Balm. Use E-Wood to replace […]


  • Checkmate 2 Check Sealer Tube

    Check Mate 2 Check Sealer

    Check Mate 2 is a weatherproof sealant designed to stop or prevent water infiltration through large cracks, called “checks”, in logs, timber, and wood siding.


  • Lifeline Acrylic Interior Clear Wood Finish

    Lifeline Acrylic Interior Clear Wood Finish

    Lifeline Acrylic is a furniture grade clear coat for interior use. Lifeline Acrylic forms an attractive and durable protective film that adds sheen and makes cleaning wood surfaces a breeze!


  • Lifeline Ultra 2 Exterior Wood Finish

    The two coat application of Lifeline Ultra-2  color helps to ensure consistent color development on your walls. From the day that you apply it to the many years of durability that  you get from it, this wood stain will distinguish your home.


  • Lifeline Interior Wood Finish

    Lifeline Interior Wood Finish

    Lifeline Interior is a semi-transparent, waterborne wood finish that highlights the beauty and grain of your walls while providing a hard protective surface that can be easily cleaned or dusted.


  • Lifeline UV Boost bottle

    Lifeline UV Boost

    UV Boost is a concentrated, water-based liquid, stain additive for use only with Perma-Chink Systems Lifeline brand stains that contains a new technology ultraviolet light inhibitor.


  • Log End Seal bucket

    Log End Seal

    Log End Seal is a clear finish that helps to keep water from penetrating into the log ends and provides a durable layer of protection against sun, wind, and weather damage.


  • M-Balm Wood Epoxy

    M-Balm Wood Epoxy

    M-Balm restores strength to deteriorated wood. M-Balm cures and hardens into a strong, water-resistant mass that includes both the original wood fibers and the epoxy mixture.


  • Shell-Guard Concentrate Borate Wood Preservative

    Shell-Guard Concentrate Borate Wood Preservative

    Shell-Guard provides the ultimate protection against wood eating insects and wood rot for your log home.


  • Shell-Guard RTU Borate Wood Preservative

    Shell-Guard RTU Borate Wood Preservative

    Shell-Guard RTU is a ready-to-use, borate-based, wood preservative formulation that is colorless, odorless, and has a very low level of toxicity to people and pets.


  • Lifeline Advance Clear Satin & Gloss Exterior Top Coat – 5 Gallon Pail

    Lifeline Advance Clear Exterior Top Coat

    Lifeline Advance works just like the clear-coat on your car to protect the color coat underneath. It extends the life of the finish while adding depth and highlights to the appearance. It makes your exterior walls easier to keep clean.


  • Prelude Clear Wood Primer – Containers

    Prelude™ Clear Wood Primer

    Prelude seals porous or rough wood surfaces for uniform finish with Lifeline stains by Perma-Chink Systems.


  • Perma-Chink Log Wash Wood Cleaner Concentrate – 1 Gallon Jug

    Log Wash Wood Cleaner

    Log Wash™ is a pH balanced, liquid concentrate for cleaning both exterior and interior  log and wood surfaces. It can be used as a maintenance cleaner and/ or to prepare the surface of wood for a maintenance  coat of stain or topcoat, especially wood on which Perma-Chink Systems products have been applied.


  • Sure Shine Wood Floor Finish

    Sure Shine polyurethane premium interior finish is specifically designed for finishing and protecting wood floors, cabinets, walls and other wood surfaces where a clear, durable, scuff-resistant finish is desired.


  • Log Gap Cap

    Log Gap Caps for Full Log Insulation

    Easy to use pre-cut foam inserts for sealing trim around doors and windows.


  • log gap cap for log siding

    Log Gap Caps for Log Siding

    The Siding Profile Log Gap Cap for Log Siding is an easy to use,  pre-cut foam insert specially designed to more closely match the unique curvature of log siding applications for sealing around doors and windows.