Bug Juice Insecticide

Made by Walla Walla


Bug Juice is a remarkable insecticide paint additive designed to eliminate crawling and flying insects on interior & exterior surfaces. The active ingredient in Bug Juice is Deltamethryn.

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Bug Juice Insecticide is a toxic paint additive that is designed to kill flying and crawling insects that alight on most interior and all exterior surfaces. Bug Juice can be applied on most interior and exterior surfaces, including kitchens and pantries. The active ingredient is deltamethrin. It will kill ants, cockroaches, beetles, mites, spiders, fleas, ticks, silverfish, dirt daubers, wasps and ladybugs. Bug-Juice does not repel insects. It is a contact pesticide which poisons the insects and begins to work after an insect makes contact with the treated surface. Bug Juice Insecticide will not affect the color or drying time of the coating and has no odor.

Features and Benefits of Bug Juice Insecticide

Features Benefits
  • Will not affect the color or drying time of the coating
  • Only insect additive to be used with Perma-Chink Systems products
  • No odor
  • Easily mixes with most commercial stains and paints
No fuss application
  • Formulated for most interior and all exterior surfaces
Easy to use
  • As a contact insecticide kills all insects around your house. Insect dies within 1 -3 hours
  • Toxic to children, pets, fish, birds and other wildlife.
  • Not for use in paints/stains applied on outdoor furniture
No more unwanted pests


Please Note: Existing insect infestations MUST be treated and eliminated prior to use of this product.

LogFinish.com has had many years of experience with Bug Juice Insecticide that have shown it to be a valuable and  viable solution to insect problems. No pesticide product however, will work 100% of the time. Insects evolve over time and environmental conditions change.  Bug Juice is sold on a best efforts basis with no warrantee, guarantee, or refunds available.



Mix one 8oz bottle per five gallon container of paint or stain.

  • When applying two coats of stain/paint, add Bug Juice to the final coat
  • Do not mix with water
  • When added to latex paint, add only the amount of Bug Juice that may be applied within three hours
  • When used with oil-based coatings add only the amount that will be applied in six hours



  • Bug Juice will typically last for two years when mixed with stains or paint and exterior has been washed annually.
  • To enhance the continued effectiveness of Bug Juice Insecticide, use a garden hose with sprayer attachment and wash exterior surface at least one time per year with Log Wash  to remove buildup of pollen and dirt.


Be sure to wear proper protective equipment, as any contact is dangerous. Follow all directions on the label.

Bug-Juice Insecticide is the result of a six year research and development program conducted by the manufacturer, Walla Walla Environmental. It is approved for use in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, kitchens and pantries, but should not be used around children or animals.

Shelf Life

  • One year for opened bottle NOT mixed with stain or paint.
  • Five years for unopened bottle.


Bug-Juice is available for shipment to all 50 states and is shipped via FedEx ground only; no air shipments




MSDSClick here for this product’s Safety Data Sheets (SDS)


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