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Capture® Log Stain’s unique formula moves freely as your logs move, instead of cracking and peeling like the other wood finishes.

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Capture® Log Stain’s unique formula moves freely as your logs move, instead of cracking and peeling like the other wood finishes. It provides the long-lasting protection you need and creates the dream-worthy look you want. Capture Log Stain is environmentally friendly and clean up is easy with just soap and water. Capture Log Stain is excellent for use on all of your vertical and ceiling woodwork, inside and out. It won’t hide the grain, but instead brings out your wood’s natural glow.

  • Proven Durability
  • Excellent Elasticity
  • Easy Soap and Water Cleanup
  • Ideal for Exterior and Interior Use
  • Add the Finishing Touch with Cascade® Clear Topcoat


Available Colors

Capture Log Stain colors


Product Facts for Capture Log Stain

Application Temperature

40° – 90 °F (4°– 32 °C). Capture dries to the touch in 30 minutes or less, in ideal weather. The finish will retain a slight tackiness until top-coated with Cascade® Clear Topcoat.


Application Temperature Considerations

Air and surface temperatures matter when applying Capture. For Capture Log Stain to dry and adhere properly to the wood, apply the product when the forecast is predicting clear, rain-free and snow-free weather, with air and wood surface temperatures of 40° – 90 °F (4° – 32 °C) both during application and for the rest of the day after it has been applied. (This includes overnight temperatures!) If rain can’t be avoided, protect stained surfaces from direct rainfall for 1-2 days after application. Use a surface thermometer to check surface temperatures.

Application Method

  • Airless Sprayer
  • Back Brushing is Required!


1 Gallon 5 Gallon
1st Coat 150-250 SF 750-1250 SF
2nd Coat 300-400 SF 1500-2000 SF

Capture Log Stain coverage will vary with the surface roughness and the porosity of the wood it is applied to.

Application Considerations for Capture Log Stain

  1. Creating Finish Longevity: The single most important factor affecting the longevity of a stain is the quantity of stain applied to the wood. Don’t make the mistake of expecting a light mist coat to last very long. Light mist coats will fail quickly, even with the best stains out there. Applying as much stain as the wood will accept on the first coat, while back brushing and forcing it into the wood, results in dramatically improved performance and longevity. This includes filling any cracks or checks in the wood with stain! The first coat is the only time when the stain can penetrate into the wood. Any coats applied after that are just surface coats, so they can go on much lighter.
  2. Wood must be dry to apply Capture Log Stain: Using a moisture meter, check the moisture content of the wood to be stained Make sure it’s at or below a 19%. Moisture content higher than 19% increases the risk of stain peeling.
  3. Mix Capture Log Stain Properly: Using a “squirrel cage” type mixer, thoroughly mix the stain, being sure to scrape all pigments off the bottom of the pail. Pails with different lot numbers should be blended together to ensure consistent color. Stir the stain every 10-15 minutes throughout application.
  4. Spray Capture on and Back Brush it in: Using a Graco 313 or 515 sprayer tip (or equivalent in a different brand), apply the first coat of Capture Log Stain to the wood. The best long-term performance is achieved when the first coat is applied to the point of refusal (meaning the wood won’t accept any more stain). Follow behind immediately with vigorous back brushing using large 5-6 in. deck and siding paint brushes on 3-4 foot long poles. This forces the stain into the pores of the wood and promotes penetration and adhesion. Capture Log Stain dries very quickly so it’s important to keep a “wet edge,” without stopping, until you reach a natural break in the wall surface. If stopping in the middle of the log is necessary, simply “feather out” the stain, trailing it off into nothing. Apply Capture to one wall at a time, starting at the top and working completely across 3-4 logs high. When the top 3-4 logs are stained, move down the wall to the next 3-4 logs. Continue in a similar pattern to thq8 loge bottom of the wall, working around doors and windows. Clean any drips that may get on lower logs to avoid overlap marks.
  5. Allow the First Coat to Completely Dry: 4-12 hours of drying time is required depending on temperature and humidity.
  6. Spray on a Light Second coat of Capture: Brush out any runs.
  7. Allow the Second Coat to Completely Dry: 4-12 hours of drying time is required depending on temperature and humidity.
  8. Apply Cascade Clear Coat: For exterior applications Capture Log Stain must be top coated with Cascade for water-resistance and added UV protection


Preserve Capture’s great look with Cascade Clear Topcoat for exterior application and Symphony Clear Topcoat for Interior application.

Cascade Clear Topcoat works well with Capture Log Stain Symphony interior clear works well with Capture Log Stain

Surface Preparation

  1. What’s Really Important: It is well-known by stainers everywhere that the single most important factor in the longevity of any staining job is the quality of the prep work. Clean, sound, warm, dry, and textured wood are the five characteristics of a well-prepped surface.
  2. Compatibility Counts: If you are changing from one stain product to another. Any product already on the wood that contains waxes, non-drying oils, or silicones can interfere with the adhesion of Capture Log Stain. Capture is primarily designed for use on new construction that has never previously been stained as well as on restoration projects where the old finish has been completely removed.
  3. Clean the Surface: Media blast, power wash, or sand wood surfaces using an Osborn* brush or 60-80 grit sand paper to remove failing stains, UV-damaged or unsound wood fibers, mill glaze, and other surface contaminants. This creates the best surface for stain adhesion and longevity.
  4. Remove Fuzz: For the best appearance, remove felting (wood fuzz) with Osborn brushes, or 60-80 grit sand paper once the wood is dry. Be sure to remove all sawdust once done.
  5. Timing matters: UV rays from the sun can damage cleaned wood surfaces in as little as 1 week, resulting in premature finish failure. Sun damaged wood turns yellow and eventually gray, so if you sand a piece of yellowish wood and it turns whiter, you know that wood has some sun damage; therefore, stain should be applied no more than 2 weeks after wood prep is complete.


Capture Log Stain Interior Finish Application Tips:

  1. Apply 1 coat of Symphony prior to staining to even out wood porosity.
  2. Spray or brush on 1 light coat of Capture Log Stain. (An additional coat can be applied to get a deeper color but is not necessary for wood protection.)
  3. Top coat Capture Log Stain with 1-2 coats of Symphony interior clear coat.



Maintenance is a must, but it needn’t be a big production every time. With Capture Log Stain, maintenance is easy. When the stain is in good condition: Simply clean the surface (a hose fitted with a high pressure nozzle is all that’s needed, or you can do a light power wash) and apply a new coat of Cascade.

You’ll bring back that freshly-stained look and renew the protection against UV damage and moisture in one weekend.

New Construction Notice

Within the first 12-18 months after Capture Log Stain is first applied, it is important to inspect the home for any checks and cracks that have opened up in the logs. This is a common occurrence on new homes that are still adjusting to their new environment, with logs coming to their equilibrium moisture content.

If you locate such areas, simply clean the surfaces with damp rags or bristle brushes to remove dirt, pollen, etc., and then apply more Capture Log Stain to fill and seal the checks and cracks that have opened up in the logs. As long as the stain on the surface is in good condition, excess stain can be wiped away with a damp rag. Any check or crack wider than ¼” should be filled with a quality log home sealant, such as Sashco’s Conceal or Log Builder.

Clean-Up & Storage

Clean up tools and hands with warm water and soap. Leftover product can be stored if the lid is tightly replaced. Store Capture in moderate temperatures (40° – 90°F [4° – 32°C]).


Safety Data Sheet

SDS for Capture Log StainClick here for this product’s Safety Data Sheets (SDS)


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