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What is CPR Log Cleaner and Brightener?

CPR Log Cleaner and Brightener is a proprietary blend of Sodium Percarbonate and Disodium Carbonate that is designed to clean and brighten logs and decks that are dirty and/or weathered. CPR will also remove mill glaze to improve finish penetration. CPR Log Cleaner and Brightener is used to bring logs and wood back to life. CPR cleans and brightens bare logs and wood, and restores luster and vibrancy when used for routine log home or log cabin maintenance. It’s a gentle log cleaner whose oxygenated bleach formula won’t weaken wood fibers. It effectively kills mold, mildew and fungus, while also removing dirt, dust, pollen and other surface contaminants.

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What are the advantages of using CPR Log Cleaner and Brightener?

  • CPR’s Oxygenated Bleach Formula is gentle, yet effective
  • CPR’s Powder form is easy to transport – no spills along the way
  • CPR is easy to mix and apply
  • CPR is environmentally friendly and won’t harm plant life
  • CPR is safe to use around pets and kids

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Mixing CPR and Water

Mix a full 64 OZ container of CPR with 4 Gallons of water. Mix thoroughly until the powder is mostly dissolved (which will take a few minutes, depending on water temperature). The solution will begin to “fizz” as the powder dissolves. Not all the powder will completely dissolve in the solution; even if all the powder is not completely dissolved, the solution is very usable. For the best and most consistent results, the solution should be used within 4 hours. CPR can be mixed in two strengths:

Cleaner Strength (For less severe discoloration and surface cleaning situations)

Mix 1/2 of the container with 4 gallons of clean water in a clean 5-gallon plastic pail.

Brightener Strength (For Aggressive Cleaning Situations)

Mix the entire container with 4 gallons of clean water in a clean 5-gallon plastic pail.

How do you use CPR Log Cleaner and Brightener?

Apply CPR to one wall at a time, starting at the bottom and working completely across, 2-5 logs high. When the bottom 2-5 logs are completely cleaned and/or brightened, then move up the wall to the next 2-5 logs. Continue in a similar pattern to the top of the wall. Work only on one small area at a time (15-25 sq. ft.) for best results. Rinse with clean water as you go. Apply via garden sprayer, brush or mop. Allow the solution to work for 5-20 minutes, keeping the surfaces wet with additional CPR solution. For best results, vigorously scrub the surfaces with a stiff nylon bristle brush to remove unsound surface wood. After you’ve cleaned the entire wall with the CPR solution, starting at the top, rinse the entire wall thoroughly and allow to dry 2-3 days before application of preservatives or stains. Repeat applications of CPR solution may be necessary to remove tougher discolorations, more severe UV damage and/or heavily weathered wood surfaces.

At either strength, solution coverage is between 100 and 150 square feet per gallon (500-750 square feet per 5 gallons), depending on the wood porosity.
Application Range: 60˚-90˚F (don’t apply to hot, sun-drenched surfaces.)


Clean brushes and equipment with soap and water.



Avoid contact with eyes and skin and do not ingest. Keep away from children and animals. Harmful if swallowed. CPR Log Cleaner & Brightener will not harm grass or most plants — it decomposes into water, oxygen and soda ash. Rinse grass and plants thoroughly with clean water after exposure. Solutions of CPR can be slippery until washed away!



Safety Data Sheet

SDS for Blue Bear 605PRO Multipurpose Coatings RemoverClick here for this product’s Safety Data Sheets (SDS)



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