Lifeline Advance Clear Exterior Top Coat

Made by Perma-Chink


Lifeline Advance works just like the clear-coat on your car to protect the color coat underneath. It extends the life of the finish while adding depth and highlights to the appearance. It makes your exterior walls easier to keep clean.

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Lifeline Advance Clear Exterior Top Coat works just like the clear coat on your car to protect the color coat underneath. It extends the life of the finish while adding depth and highlights to the appearance. It makes your exterior walls easier to keep clean. Lifeline Advance has the right permeability to keep the film breathable while repelling water. Lifeline Advance is the second component in Perma-Chink System’s exterior wall finish system that includes a limited warranty when used with Ultra-2 and Ultra 7.

Product Type: Water based formula

Please Note: Lifeline Advance Clear Exterior Top Coat is formulated only for use as a top coat for Lifeline Exterior, Ultra 2 and Ultra 7.  Lifeline Advance should not be used on its own or over other stains or finishes not formulated for use specifically with Lifeline Advance.  For more information on finishes compatible with Lifeline Advance, please visit the Lifeline Ultra 2 and Lifeline Ultra 7 product pages.

  • Beautiful reflective quality protects against UV damage
  • Satin or Gloss option
  • Mold and mildew protection
  • Non-yellowing
  • Low VOCs

Which Works Better? Satin or Gloss?

By Sean Gahan, Senior Chemist, Perma-Chink Systems

When it comes to performance and longevity a gloss topcoat will outperform a satin topcoat  due to reflectivity. A smooth glossy surface reflects more UV light.

The next factor is cleanliness. The smooth, slick surface  of Advance Gloss sheds dirt easier than the Advance Satin. That’s because the flatting agent used in the Satin results in microscopic imperfections in the surface of the finish where airborne dust, pollen and pollutants can lodge. Although they can be removed with a good washing, it takes a bit more effort than removing dirt from a glossy surface.

The last factor, at least in the Southeast, relates to how Advance Gloss reduces carpenter bee damage. Perma-Chink Systems did a survey of customers who used  either Advance Satin or Gloss topcoats and the results clearly revealed the Gloss topcoat substantially reduced the number of carpenter bee holes. Although there was some reduction in carpenter bee activity using Advance Satin it was not nearly as significant as the Advance Gloss.

Whenever requesting exterior finish samples, include a sample of Advance Gloss even if you are only interested in Advance Satin. You may end up choosing the Gloss because of the way it looks and how it highlights the color of the Ultra 2 or Ultra 7.



1 Gallon 600-800 square feet on finished wood
5 Gallon 3000-4000 square feet on finished wood


Product Facts for Lifeline Advance Clear Exterior Top Coat

Shelf Life
  • 1 Year
Application Temperature
  • 40° to 90°
Application Methods
  • Airless sprayer
  • Brush
  • Back-brushing required
Surface Preparation
  • Clean and dry
  • Free of mold and mildew
  • Never use steel wool
  • 1 coat over Lifeline Exterior, Ultra-2, or Ultra-7 wood finishes
  • 1 coat 24-36 months later, then only as required
Special Instructions
  • Stir  well before and during  application
  • Avoid applying in direct sun
  • Do not use on bare wood, decks or deck rails
  •  No additional mildew prevention additive is recommended
Drying Time
  • Dry to touch in 30-45 minutes but complete cure requires 72 hours



Since any Lifeline Exterior product may be applied OVER an existing coat of Lifeline Advance Top Coat

Future maintenance will be simple and easy to perform.



Lifeline Advance is available for shipment all over the continental United States via FedEx.

99% of all orders ship within 24 hours of receipt from our warehouse in Western NC.




MSDSClick here for this product’s Safety Data Sheets (SDS)




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