Log Builder Log Home Caulk

Made by Sashco


Log Builder is a log home caulk specifically designed to absorb log movement while maintaining a weatherproof seal.

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What is Log Builder Log Home Caulk?

Log Builder Log Home Caulk is a log home caulk specifically designed to absorb log movement while maintaining a weatherproof seal. Most log movement occurs during the first few years, when logs lose the majority of their moisture content. This loss of moisture content causes the log to shrink and the joints to expand. Log Builder is ultra-elastic, which means it will stretch and compress with normal movement.

Log Builder won’t crack, peel or pull away. Instead, it creates a tight seal to keep water, dust, bugs and wind from seeping into your home. Log Builder is the smooth sealant for milled and hand-crafted log structures as shown above.

How Much Caulk Do I Need?

Log Builder Log Home Caulk Coverage

Joint Size 5 GAL Pail 30 OZ Tube 11 OZ Tube
1/ 4” x 1 / 4” 1540 LF 70.0 LF 25.7 LF
3 / 8” x 1 / 4” 875 LF 39.8 LF 14.6 LF
1 / 2” x 1 / 4” 750 LF 34.1 LF 12.5 LF
5 / 8” x 3 / 8” 410 LF 18.6 LF 6.8 LF
3 / 4” x 3 / 8” 280 LF 12.7 LF 4.7 LF
1” x 1 / 2” 195 LF 8.9 LF 3.3 LF


Log Builder Available Colors

Log Builder Log Home Caulk colors


Log Builder Product Facts

Shelf Life 1 Year
Application Temperature
40˚F – 90˚F
Elongation @ Break
Application Methods
Chink Pump
Surface Preparation
Bulk Loading Gun
Standard Caulking Gun
Wood Must be Clean and Dry
Do Not Apply Over Old Caulk
Use Backer Rod If Possible


Surface Preparation Notes:

Best results are obtained when Log Builder Log Home Caulk is applied to wood that has been previously coated with a compatible and thoroughly cured stain.
Log Builder is not a chinking and should be used only in joints under 2” wide. If the joints are wider, we recommend Log Jam.
It is always best to install backer rod before caulking. Sashco strongly recommends the use of backer rod.
Logs tend to take on water from rain and snow through cracks and checks; therefore, it is important to pay close attention to these openings and prep and seal them properly. Note: Most small checks should not be caulked. Only the larger ones (1/4” or larger) should be sealed with backer rod and caulk.

Best Log Builder Application Uses:

  • Log Stacking
  • Filling Joints Between Logs
  • Sealing Around Windows and Doors
  • Filling Checks


Log Builder Application Notes

When using 5-gallon pails use the Cox Bulk Loading Gun. Use a caulking gun when using either the 29 ounce or 11 ounce cartridges of Log Builder. When using a cartridge, cut the spout at a 45˚ angle to desired bead size. Log Builder requires no heating prior to application but will dispense easier when kept warm before use.
Log Builder Log Home Caulk should be tooled directly after application to ensure good adhesion and a smooth looking bead. To ease the tooling process, mist Log Builder with water. Log Builder may be tooled with a damp foam paint brush. Work the material smooth, tooling Log Builder tightly to the surfaces. Keep a rag handy for clean up.



Log Builder is Stainable with latex coatings after a minimum of 24 hours curing (longer on wider joints) and after 5 days curing with most oil-based coatings.


Clean-up & Disposal

Clean excess product off surfaces (before it cures) with a putty knife and/or a damp rag. Dispose of Log Builder in accordance with local regulations. Do not dispose of in drinking water supplies. Water may be used for cleaning hands, surfaces and equipment. Solvents are not required for clean-up.



Safety Data Sheet

SDS for Log Builder Log Home CaulkClick here for this product’s Safety Data Sheets (SDS)


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