Log Gap Caps for Full Log Insulation


Easy to use pre-cut foam inserts for sealing trim around doors and windows.

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Log Gap Caps, the ultimate solution for enhancing energy efficiency in log homes. Designed to accommodate a wide range of log diameters from 6 to 11 inches, these pre-cut caps offer a uniform shape that seamlessly reduces air infiltration at the juncture of round logs and window/door trims. While it’s important to note that there are numerous log profiles available, our fit guidelines ensure a versatile application while allowing for tail trimming to achieve an optimal fit for smaller log profiles.

Crafted from a durable material that is resistant to mold, rot, and bacteria, Log Gap Caps provide long-lasting protection without compromising on performance. These caps are specifically engineered using ¾ inch closed cell flexible foam, offering a snug fit that remains in place with minimal caulking required. For those seeking an extra layer of protection, Log Gap Caps can be sealed using our Energy Seal Caulk, effectively putting a halt to any potential water or air infiltration.

Say goodbye to energy leaks and hello to improved energy efficiency with Log Gap Caps. Upgrade your log home’s insulation and enjoy the benefits of reduced air infiltration and enhanced comfort.

Note for Log Siding: If your home has log siding, and not full logs, you can use the 6″– 8″ size of Log Gap Caps, and cut them down to fit your needs.

Log Gap Caps Features

  • Log Gap Caps increase energy efficiency.
  • Log Gap Caps are designed to work with most 6″-11″ diameter logs, and even larger. The pre-cut Log Gap Cap’s uniform shape fits most log profiles, reducing air infiltration where round logs meet window and door trim.
  • Log Gap Caps are constructed of material resistant to mold, rot, bacteria, and will not absorb moisture.
  • Engineered from ¾ inch closed cell flexible foam, a Log Gap Cap compresses and remains in place with little caulking required.
  • Seal over Log Gap Caps with Energy Seal Caulk to virtually stop any water or air infiltration, if desired.

Please Note: that there are many log profiles available. These are fit guidelines, not absolutes. Tails may need to be trimmed to fit for the smaller log profiles.

Measurement of Log Gap Caps are made base on the long, flat side.

Log Gap Cap application how to

See our Log Blog for details on how to use Log Gap Caps around your windows and doors.


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