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Outlast® NBS 30™ is the environmentally friendly, time-released insect repellent additive for exterior stains and paints.

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Outlast® NBS 30™ Time-Released Insect Repellent Additive for Exterior Stains and Paints is designed for use with most exterior coatings. NBS 30 Insect Repellent will repel most ants, cockroaches, beetles, mites, spiders, fleas, ticks, silverfish, dirt daubers, wasps, ladybugs and Carpenter Bees. NBS 30 is not an insecticide; it is an all-natural bug repellent. Applications for NBS 30 range from residential, to commercial applications around wildlife sanctuaries, barns, recreation areas, poultry houses, golf courses, parks, playgrounds and poultry houses. NBS 30 is environmentally friendly, pet and family safe, and all natural.


Product Facts for NBS 30 Insect Repellent

Features Benefits
  • Insect Repellent Made Naturally Derived from Plant Extracts
  • Extremely Low Toxicity
  • No Harsh Chemicals


  • Safe use around children and pets
  • Will not harm plants
  • Easily mixes with most commercial stains, paints, and water
  • NBS-30 may be mixed with water and applied on BARE wood ( 1 bottle / 5 gals. water )
  • Repels and reduces amount of Carpenter Bee’s around your house and deck
  • Easy to apply
  • Time release formula
  • No fuss application

NBS 30 is an insect repellent; not an insecticide. The odor of the product’s ingredients is initially quite strong and very noticeable thus repelling the insects. NBS 30 contains naturally derived plant extracts of:

  • Citronella
  • Rosemary
  • Cedar
  • Eucalyptus


Please Note:

  • Existing insect infestations MUST be treated and eliminated prior to use of this product. For further information on how to do this check out the LogFinish.com Log Blog on Carpenter Bees.
  • When mixed with water two or more coats may be required for Carpenter Bee control.
  • No repellent product will work 100% of the time. Insects evolve over time and environmental conditions change. NBS 30 is sold on a best effort basis with no warranty, guarantee, or refunds available.



NBS 30 Insect Repellent and Carpenter Bees

NBS 30 is a repellent; not an insecticideNBS 30’s strong odor repels insects. In addition, treatment of holes drilled by Carpenter Bees as described below is necessary to achieve success with the NBS 30 product.


To treat with insecticide acquire the following items:

  • Appropriate insecticide (like Sevin Dust)
  • Plastic syringe or turkey baster
  • Aluminum foil
  • Small star-head screw driver
  • Log home caulk
  • Appropriate protective gear for your face, hands, and body
  • Plumber’s Snake or coat hanger


  1. Fill syringe with insecticide
  2. Insert insecticide in the Carpenter Bee hole
  3. Wait several days while the Bees spread the insecticide by going in and out of the holes
  4. Roll the aluminum foil into a small ball
  5. Insert the aluminum foil into the opening and tap with the screwdriver
  6. Seal the hole with Energy Seal log Caulk
  7. Follow the above procedure with every hole the Carpenter Bees have drilled that is accessible


Learn more on our blog post: How to Get Rid of Carpenter Bees

Application Tips for NBS 30 Insect Repellent

  • Add entire contents of NBS 30 pint container to 5 gallons of paint or stain for best results.
  • Mix according to label directions for use with smaller quantities of paint or stain.
  • When used with multiple coats of paint or stain, always mix NBS 30 with the last coat applied.


NBS 30 Insect Repellent and Exterior Coatings

  • Sheen, curing time and luster of the coating may be changed slightly and would be most noticeable in white paint.
  • High gloss coatings are reduced to semi-gloss.
  • NBS 30 is not for use with any Perma Chink Systems water-based exterior products such as Lifeline Advance Satin or Gloss Top Coat.


NBS 30 Insect Repellent and Water

NBS 30 Insect Repellent can be mixed with water and sprayed on any stained or painted wood surface with the exception over Lifeline Advance Top Coat. Mix a one pint container of NBS 30 with five gallons of water and apply with a pump sprayer. When this mixture is applied to wood in an exposed area it is subject to being washed off in a heavy rain. Re-apply as necessary every 30 to 60 daysNBS 30 works best when used as a stain or paint additive because the coating locks the product on to the wood surface.


Environmental Regulation

NBS 30 Insect Repellent is exempt from EPA Regulation under the Federal Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA). When used as directed it is non-phytotoxic and will not harm plants or turf. It is safe for pets and people. Caution: This product is toxic to fish. Keep out of lakes and streams or areas designated for commercial honeybee farming.


Safety Considerations

  • Avoid contact with eyes, skin or clothing.
  • Avoid breathing vapors or spray mist. NBS 30 is harmful if swallowed.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after handling NBS 30.
  • Remove contaminated clothing and wash clothing before reuse.
  • Persons handling concentrate are recommended to wear protective eyewear and chemical resistant gloves made of neoprene, nitrite or natural rubber.
  • When used in confined spaces prolonged exposure to the fragrance may be objectionable to some individuals.



NBS 30 Insect Repellent is available for shipment to all 50 states via FedEx.



MSDSClick here for this product’s Safety Data Sheets (SDS)



7 reviews for NBS 30 Insect Repellent

  1. Donna King

    Applied mixed with the stain and the bees are eating right into the cedar. not working at all 🙁

  2. Jeff Griffin

    I used this product on my log cabin mixing it only with water and applying it with a pump sprayer. It worked very well for the past 2 summers but I’m needing to apply it again this summer. I feel that getting 2 years out of it applying it this way is very good and I’m happy with doing this until I stain again.

  3. Sandy

    I purchased this product because the carpenter bees needed to be controlled. I used this product as recommended when applying the stain/oil to my log home last year. The bees are back this year and drilling again. This product did not work at all.

  4. Bill the painter

    I used this product on an old house with red cedar siding in the harrisburg p.a. area that had finally dried out and had many carpenter bees boring all over it.
    I wanted to make the siding as undesirable as possible for the bees to want to eat so…. I mixed this product in with Sikkens oil based SRD Stain.

    I has been about 4 years. The bees are starting to eyeball the house again.

    I am going to re treat this house the same way.

    There were several paint store employees that said nothing works. They are wrong!

    Thats my story with this product

  5. Duane

    My home. wrapped in cypress, was “carpenter bee central” when we bought it 5 years ago. Some of the facia boards looked like Swiss cheese. I found this wonderful NBS 30 and it has been a God-send. It was supposed to keep the bees away for three years and it actually lasted four. We are sealing again right now and you can bet your sweet behind I’ve added NBS 30 to every ounce of the sealer. I highly recommend this product to anyone with a carpenter bee infestation.

  6. Pamela

    Great Stuff!! I have a lake house that has stayed infested with red wasps. After adding this to the paint when repainting, there has not been one nest formed on anything that was painted. Wasps still swarm as always but no nests made on the house. Even my Handy Man has been surprisingly impressed. I’m giving some to my brother for Christmas to use on his deer stands.

  7. Rebecca Dmytryk

    This is an outstanding product. Superior and safe for repelling all sorts of insects and other pests.

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