Penetrol Stain Conditioner

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Penetrol is a quality paint conditioner that improves the penetration of Q8 Log Oil. It allows Q8 Log Oil  to spread easier and faster, giving more uniform flow and coverage. Penetrol also works well to keep paint additives like Bug Juice properly mixed with Q8 Log Oil.

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Penetrol Paint Conditioner is a premium additive for oil-based exterior stains, house paints, primers, and interior alkyd enamels.

Uses:  Combine with Bug Juice insecticide additive when Bug Juice it is to be added to Outlast Q8 Log Oil. Otherwise, use with oil based finishes for better penetration and application.

  • Add Penetrol to Bug Juice and mix with Outlast Q8 Log Oil.
  • Keeps Bug Juice suspended in Outlast Q8 Log Oil for equal application
  • Increases adhesion, penetration and flow of oil-based or alkyd paints, varnishes, and primers
  • Diminishes lap & brush marks
  • Provides smooth application when used with air, airless or commercial spray equipment


Product Facts for Penetrol Stain Conditioner


  • One quart Penetrol yields 10 / 3 oz. portions for use with Bug Juice


Application for use with 5 gallon Outlast Q8 Log Oil

  • When Bug Juice insecticide is mixed with Outlast Q8 Log Oil without Penetrol,  the Bug Juice settles on the bottom of the container and will not blend.
  • Prior to adding to Outlast Q8 Log Oil, mix 3 ounces of Penetrol with one bottle of Bug Juice insecticide.
  • Stir well and add to 5 gallons Outlast Q8 Log Oil

Application for use with 1 gallon Outlast Q8 Log Oil

  • At least one ounce of Penetrol should be used with smaller portions of Bug Juice for one gallon Q8 Log Oil. However,  using more will not present a problem.
  • Stir well and add to 1 gallon Q8 Log Oil


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