PolySeal Water-Based Polyurethane Acrylic Interior Wood Varnish

Made by Continental


PolySeal is a water-based, polyurethane/acrylic wood finish that can be applied to all bare interior wood surfaces. The product is ideal for use on the interior walls and ceilings of log homes as well as on all woodwork and trim as well as on kitchen cabinets and wood floors.

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PolySeal is a water-based, polyurethane acrylic wood finish that can be applied to all bare interior wood surfaces. The product is ideal for use on the interior walls and ceilings of log homes, as well as on all woodwork, trim, kitchen cabinets, and wood floors. PolySeal Interior Wood Varnish has a very low odor level during application, cures quickly, and requires fewer coats to achieve an elegant appearance with outstanding durability.

PolySeal’s rich, full-bodied consistency minimizes drips. PolySeal Interior Wood Varnish dries fast and can usually be top coated within 4 hours. For full performance and appearance value the manufacturer recommends that 3 coats be applied to all log walls and paneling and that 4 coats be applied to wood floors. PolySeal dries to a durable transparent coating that is easy to clean and maintain

PolySeal Interior Wood Varnish for Beautiful Wall, Woodwork, and Floor Protection

  • Seals the wood pores and helps maintain an allergy free environment
  • Cleaning and dusting are more thorough and effective
  • Adds depth and clarity to the wood grain
  • Scrub and mar resistant
  • Low fumes
  • User Friendly – Easy to apply
  • Less drips means less mess
  • Dries Fast – Apply up to 3 Coats in a day
  • Can be used on Hardwood floors
  • Soap and water cleanup



Coverage will vary according to the porosity of the wood, method of application, and application techniques. Use these coverage guidelines.

  • 1st Coat 250 SF per Gallon per Coat
  • 2nd Coat 300 SF per Gallon per Coat
  • 3rd Coat 400 SF per Gallon per Coat


PolySeal Interior Wood Varnish Colors

  • Crystal Gloss
  • Crystal Satin
  • Amber Satin
  • Light Timber
  • Amish Pine
  • Maple Satin

PolySeal Interior Wood Varnish colors

Shelf Life

The Shelf Life for PolySeal Interior Wood Finish is 2 Years from date of purchase.

Wood Moisture Content

Do not apply PolySeal to wood surfaces that have a moisture content of greater than 18%. Applying PolySeal to green wood or other wet surfaces can cause discoloration of the PolySeal as well as other coating problems.


Surface Preparation

For best results the wood surface where PolySeal Interior Wood Varnish is to be applied must be clean, dry, and free from dust, grease, oil, wax, dirt, paint, and fungus. If necessary, before coating with PolySeal fill any holes or checks will a good quality acrylic or latex based wood filler. Do not use wax sticks or wood fillers that contain waxes or separate additives. Previously varnished surfaces that are in sound condition should be sanded and cleaned before applying PolySeal. Do not apply PolySeal to wood surfaces that are cold or damp. Do not apply PolySeal to wood with a moisture content that exceeds 18%.



Mix PolySeal Interior Wood Varnish thoroughly before applying. Use a drill mixer until product is completely blended. Do not shake the product or otherwise create foam. Do not dilute PolySeal.


Application Temperatures

The ideal application temperature for PolySeal Interior Wood Finish is between 65 – 80 °F. If application temperatures are significantly colder or hotter, PolySeal may not apply in a smooth and fluid manner resulting in an uneven application and appearance. Application in high humidity will extend the dry time and at times can interfere with the ability of PolySeal to spread evenly and form a good film.


Application Methods

Apply PolySeal Interior Wood Finish with a good quality synthetic bristle varnish Brush or a pad applicator. Apply in even strokes and avoid excessive brushing. Do not apply this product with an airless sprayer. Because PolySeal dries fast, care must be taken to avoid lap marks. Apply PolySeal at a steady even tempo and always coat the piece of wood to completion, don’t stop in the middle. When reloading the applicator begin the new application 4-6 inches in advance of where you stopped and work back to the stopping point and then proceed forward in order to reduce the likelihood of lap marks.



After applying PolySeal clean brushes, tools and equipment immediately with warm soapy water and then rinse clean with fresh warm water.


Dry to Touch

PolySeal will be dry to the touch within 60 to 90 minutes after application, assuming it was applied at 70 °F and in moderate humidity. Please note that a milky haze can occur if a second coat is applied too quickly without allowing the previous coat to properly dry.



Keep PolySeal coated wood surfaces dusted and clean. To clean dirtier stained areas use Murphy’s Oil Soap or similar wood cleaners. Do not clean PolySeal coated wood surfaces with cleaners that contain alcohol or strong cleaning agents.



SDS for PolySeal Interior Wood VarnishClick here for this product’s Safety Data Sheets (SDS)


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