Seal-Once™ Nano + Poly Premium Wood Sealer for Siding, Logs and Decks

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Seal-Once Nano + Poly Premium Wood Sealer combines proprietary silicate nanotechnology with the strength of polyurethane to provide 360° of protection.

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SEAL-ONCE® Nano + Poly Premium Wood Sealer™ combines proprietary silicate nanotechnology with the strength of polyurethane to provide 360° of protection. Seal-Once Nano + Poly Premium Wood Sealer penetrates wood to create a long-lasting shield around the wood fibers, while forming a durable surface coating that protects against wear & tear, UV fading and water damage. Nano + Poly is safe for the environment as well.

  • Protects against Water, Mold, Decay and UV Fading
  • Ultra Low VOC – Non Toxic – No Odor
  • A Penetrating Finish that Will Not Peel
  • Water Based Formula
  • Safe and Easy Application and Maintenance
  • Ideal for Exterior and Interior Application
  • Soap and Water Cleanup

Seal-Once Nano + Poly Premium Wood Sealer on desk with chairs

Seal-Once Nano + Poly Premium Wood Sealer Uses

  • Log Homes
  • Timberframes
  • Decks
  • Railings
  • Fences
  • Shingles
  • Shake Roofs
  • Wood Siding
  • Planters
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • Play Structures


Available Colors

Seal-Once Nano + Poly Premium Wood Sealer colors


Seal-Once Nano + Poly Requires Two Coats

Size Smooth 1st CoatSmooth 2nd CoatRough Sawn 1st CoatRough Sawn 2nd Coat
1 Gallon250-350 sq. ft.250-350 sq. ft.150-250 sq. ft.150-350 sq. ft.
5 Gallon 1,250 – 1,750 sq. ft.1,250 – 1,750 sq. ft.750 – 1,250 sq. ft.750 – 1,750 sq. ft.
  • Actual coverage will vary due to porosity of the wood on which it is applied. In cases where Seal-Once Nano + Poly Premium Wood Sealer is applied to very dry, weathered or media blasted wood. 3 coats may be necessary.
  • Seal-Once Nano + Poly Premium Wood Sealer is a two coat product. Applying less than two coats will greatly affect the durability of the product.


Product Facts for Seal-Once Nano + Poly Premium Wood Sealer

Application Temperature50°F – 95°F
Application Methods
  • Brush
  • Pump up Sprayer (Must Back Brush)
  • Air Assisted Sprayer (Must Back Brush)
  • Airless Sprayer (Must Back Brush)
  • Do Not Use a Roller
All Wood Cleaner works well with Seal-Once Nano + Poly Premium Wood Sealer
  • All Wood Cleaner is recommended to deep clean and prepare bare wood surfaces prior to applying Seal-Once Nano + Poly.
Surface Preparation


  • Clean, Dry, Bare Wood Surface
  • Free of Dust, Mold and Mildew
  • Moisture Content 22% and Below
DurabilityWill prevent water from soaking into wood surface for up to 10 years on vertical surfaces and up to 6 years on horizontal surfaces.
Maintenance Re-apply as needed
Special Instructions
  • Minimum 2 Coats Required
  • Use 3 Coats on Very Dry or Weathered Wood
  • Stir Thoroughly and Periodically
  • Tint is Added and Mixed in on Site
Dry TimeAllow first coat to dry completely before applying a second coat. The first coat should be dry to the touch within 1-2 hours depending on temperature and humidity conditions.

Apply second coat following the same instructions as for the first coat. For best results, apply Seal- Once Seal-Once Nano + Poly Premium Wood Sealer in the shade and out of direct sun. Allow approximately 3-4 hours depending on temperature and humidity before subjecting the surface to light foot traffic.

Allow 24-48 hours for the product to fully cure.


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5 reviews for Seal-Once™ Nano + Poly Premium Wood Sealer for Siding, Logs and Decks

  1. Peggy

    Bill & Rae Fryberg ensure that dealing with the job of staining is as pleasant as possible. We have dealt with them for years for cleaning & staining our log home. When we built an addition they were our first call when it came to the exterior. Their products have proven to be an excellent choice. They have also always gone above & beyond to answer all of our questions without making us feel like we were a bother. Rae even suggested a new color for the front porch & bridge of the addition. We love it! And we love LogFinish!

  2. john r

    I had leftovers from 2015 that used to stain my shed. Used every drop i had. Did not go bad or get junky at all. I had stored it in my basement. Never seen anything like it. Usually stains get cruddy pretty quick after opening. Pleasant surprise. Matches the house near perfect. No fade on the house in two years. Steel roof is already fading fast. But not my stain. Sweet. Ordering more for my other outbuilding.

  3. Eric Laser (verified owner)

    I did a lot of research prior to choosing Seal Once Polyblend for our deck. I was initially leaning toward the oil-based product they sell, but went with the Polyblend at the recommendation of the Logfinish rep. Though water-based, it penetrates well and has easy cleanup. It is very thin and watery, which worried me a little at first, but the redwood color we used is beautiful. It looked good after the 1st coat, but absolutely beautiful after the 2nd coat. Water beads up on it after a rain and it should hold up for 6 years on horizontal surfaces. The Logfinish rep was very helpful and they sent me 6 different colors to try out by 2nd day mail. Also, the estimated coverage per gallon was spot on. Don’t be put off by its cost. It’s worth every cent (and you get what you pay for)!

  4. Miriam (verified owner)

    This stain/sealer is awesome!

    I had used some crap stain/sealer for my deck a few years back and I knew I hated it when I first put it on. Now that it had gotten old, I sanded it off and decided I’d rather spend the extra cost on a better grade sealer.

    I put three coats on the handrails and steps and two on everything else. It went on evenly, and was a dream to work with. It drys fast so you’ll need to keep moving to sustain a wet edge. I love the sheen it has. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone wondering if it’s worth the extra cost. I can’t imagine anyone being disappointed.

    My deck looks like fine furniture! Now to keep those birds from perching on it!

  5. john r

    The folks at were super helpful, as my buddy who just did his log home said they would be. There was a little bit of a learning curve, but I got the hang of it pretty quick. Looked great after one coat, amazing after two coats. The sample doesnt quite do the color justice as there isnt really enough in the sample to appreciate the rich ness of the color. We chose redwood and it exceeded our hopes. Looks like a pro did the job. We sprayed using the sprayer they sell, and used the wooster brushes. Good combo for a good job. We cleaned the wood with the all wood cleaner. Glad I did. Dirtier than I thought, and it seemed to take the stain better than the test pieces. I have lapped inch thick rough cut pine siding dried in place for one year, at 18 percent moisture content. This was the perfect choice. A neighbor commented that the house looked like a piece of furniture with this finish.

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