Shell-Guard RTU Borate Wood Preservative

Made by Perma-Chink


Shell-Guard RTU is a ready-to-use, borate-based, wood preservative formulation that is colorless, odorless, and has a very low level of toxicity to people and pets.

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Shell-Guard RTU Borate Wood Preservative makes your wood toxic to wood eating organisms and is formulated for the control of termites, wood boring beetles, carpenter ants and wood decay-causing fungi. Since it is ready-to-use, you can pour it right out of the container into your sprayer without the fuss of measuring, mixing and stirring.  With relatively quick drying time and  stability, your logs will be ready to stain within one to three days after a Shell-Guard RTU application. Shell-Guard RTU Borate Wood Preservative requires just one permanent application for  your log home as long as the wood remains protected with a stain or sealer.


Uses: Preventing wood decay and insect damage to interior and exterior wood.

  • Makes wood toxic to wood eating organisms
  • Wood preservative most effective at controlling: Rot Fungi, Powderpost Beetles (Anobiids & Lyctids), Old House Borer Larvae, Termites (Drywood, Dampwood, Formosan & Subterranean), Carpenter Ants
  • A Preventative or Remedial Treatment
  • No Measuring or Mixing
  • Deep Penetrating
  • EPA Registered
  • Quick Drying Time



Per 1 Gallon of Shell-Guard RTU Borate Wood Preservative 150-250 square feet (varies due to porosity of wood)


Product Facts for Shell-Guard RTU Borate Wood Preservative

Shelf Life
  • 5 Years
Application Temperature
  • 40° to 90° Fahrenheit
Application Methods
  • Low pressure sprayer
  • Brush
Surface Preparation
  • Clean and dry
  • Free of mold and mildew
  • Bare wood (no finish or sealer applied)
  • Permanent in wood that is kept sealed
Special Instructions
  • One coat application
  • Permanent when followed by a protective wood finish.
  • The finish or topcoat should be applied within two (2) weeks of treatment.
Drying Time
  • 1-3 days depending on weather conditions


NOTE: Shell-Guard RTU Borate Wood Preservative is not registered for sale in California or Canada. However, Shell-Guard Concentrate is registered.

Surface Preparation

  1. Apply only to clean, bare, dry wood.
  2. Remove any previous finishes or water repellents before applying Shell-Guard RTU.
  3. Surfaces to be treated should be clean and free of dirt, mold, mildew and other contaminates.
  4. If detergents or cleaners are used to prepare the surface, rinse thoroughly and allow surface to dry prior to application of Shell-Guard RTU.


  • Shell-Guard RTU Borate Wood Preservative treated exterior wood should not be exposed to rain or snow for at least 24 hours after treatment
  • If necessary, cover freshly treated exterior wood with a tarp
  • Apply between 40° and 90° Fahrenheit



Please Note: For longer protection, exterior surfaces that have been treated with Shell-Guard RTU Borate Wood Preservative should be coated with a water resistant finish such as paint or exterior stain. Interior surfaces do not require coating except in situations involving repeated moisture contact or high humidity, such as shower stalls, bathhouses, saunas, etc.


  1. It is violation of Federal Law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.
  2. Spills and over-spray may be cleaned with a damp cloth or absorbed with appropriate materials.
  3. When applying this product in confined spaces, it is recommended that ventilation or an exhaust system be provided. If this is impractical, the use of a NIOSH approved respirator designed for protection from organic vapors is recommended.
  4. Actual coverage will vary, depending on the surface texture and porosity of the wood being treated.
  5. Apply one (1) coat of Shell-Guard RTU to all exposed sides of lumber or plywood.
  6. For lumber thicker than one (1) inch, apply a second coat after the first has been absorbed. Wait at least 20 minutes between applications.


Applying Wood Finish Over Shell-Guard RTU Borate Wood Preservative

  1. Although a wide variety of paints and stains have been successfully used over Shell-Guard RTU treated wood, it is always a good idea to coat a small section of treated wood with the finish to be used and check for compatibility prior to complete application.
  2. It is important to allow Shell-Guard RTU to completely dry (at least 24 hours) before applying any protective finish.
  3. The finish or topcoat should be applied within two (2) weeks of treatment.


For Spot Treatment of Termites and Powder Post Beetles

  1. You can drill and inject Shell-Guard RTU into insect galleries and hotspots.
  2. Wait at least 20 minutes between applications.


Clean Up

  • Use soap and warm water to clean up tools.


  •  Store in a dry place.
  • Do not store where children or animals may gain access
  • Protect from freezing


  • Shell-Guard RTU Borate Wood Preservative is not registered for sale in California or Canada. Only Shell-Guard Concentrate may be sold in California or Canada.
  • Shipping through FedEx ground


MSDSClick here for this product’s Safety Data Sheets (SDS)




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