Transformation Log & Timber Stain

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Transformation Log & Timber is an oil-based finish that is ideal for new construction or renovation of Log and Timber Frame homes.

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What is Transformation Log & Timber Stain?

Transformation Log & Timber Stain is an oil-based finish that is ideal for new construction or renovation of Log and Timber frame homes. Transformation delivers a stunning glossy oil finish that shows off your wood grain. It provides extreme UV protection and excellent water repellency with a two coat application. It is easy to apply with an airless sprayer or a brush. Brushes and equipment clean up easily with mineral spirits. Transformation Log & Timber Stain is available in 11 beautiful natural wood tones.

Transformation Log & Timber -- Brown Tone Medium on the Hanover Reserve Wedding and Event Venue

Transformation Log & Timber Stain Advantages

  • Beautiful Translucent Gloss Finish
  • Extreme UV Protection
  • Excellent Water Repellency
  • Easy Application
  • Restoration Tested for Compatibility over a Wide Range of Finishes

Available Colors

Transformation Log and Timber Stain colors


Transformation Log & Timber Stain Product Facts

Application Temperature Range 40 – 90 °F (4 – 32 °C)
Number of Coats   2
Coverage First Coat 150-250 square feet per gallon
Coverage Second Coat 300-500 square feet per gallon
Dry Time 24 Hours


Application Guidelines

Moisture Content of Wood. Apply Transformation Log & Timber Stain to wood where the moisture content is 19% or below. Damp wood can prevent the stain from penetrating properly and can eventually lead to peeling. Be precise. Don’t guess! Use a moisture meter to determine moisture content.

In Moist Climates Add Additional Mildewcides. If your home is on or close to lakes, rivers, or streams or is located in a moist climate, prevent the growth of mold and mildew by adding Moldbuster to Transformation Log & Timber.

Thoroughly Mix Transformation. The preferred mixing method for Transformation is to use a drill-driven, squirrel-cage type mixer. Scrape all pigment off the sides and bottom of the pail and thoroughly mix it in. When using multiple containers of Transformation with different lot numbers box Transformation in a large container and mix thoroughly to assure uniform color. Stir the stain every 10-15 minutes throughout application to keep the pigment evenly distributed.

Application Temperature Range. Apply Transformation Log & Timber Stain to wood surfaces that are no colder than 40°F (4°C) and no hotter than 90 °F (32 °C). Extreme temperatures will prevent proper penetration and drying of the stain. Do not apply Transformation Log & Timber Stain to surfaces that are in direct intense sunlight. Work in sections to avoid lap marks.

Spray Application: Spray on one heavy coat of Transformation Log & Timber stain. Vigorously brush the stain, pushing it into the wood and all cracks and checks, catching any drips. This promotes the best adhesion and penetration, and leaves an even, consistent coat of stain.

Brush Application: If only a brush is used, be sure to apply Transformation Log & Timber to the point of refusal. Don’t skimp.

Second Coat: Wait 24 hours until the first coat of Transformation Log & Timber is dry, then apply a light second coat of stain, spraying and back brushing as with the first coat.

Application Timing: Plan to stain when the forecast is predicting clear, rain-free weather that will extend 1-2 days after the stain has been applied. If rain can’t be avoided, be sure to protect the stain from direct rainfall for 1-2 days after the stain is applied to prevent it from being washed off the surface.

Dry Time 24 Hours
Number of Coats 2
Coverage First Coat  150-250 square feet per gallon
Second Coat 300-500 square feet per gallon

Surface Preparation

Transformation Log & Timber will adhere to almost any surface that is properly prepped. Starting with an absolutely clean surface means better penetration and adhesion of the stain, which means better longevity and a more beautiful finish.

Remove any Failed Finish and Damaged Wood: Media blast, vigorously power wash or sand wood surfaces using an Osborn® brush or 60—80 grit sand paper to remove failing stains and loose, unsound wood fibers, along with surface contaminants.

Remove Wood Fuzz: For the best appearance, remove any remaining wood fuzz with Osborn brushes, Sashco’s Buffy Pad system or 60—80 grit sand paper once the wood is dry. Remove all sawdust with a broom, compressed air or a leaf blower.

Eliminate Residual Mildew: If mildew is present, apply Sashco’s CPR Cleaner & Brightener in the brightener strength according to the directions, or apply fresh bleach in a 4 parts water to 1 part bleach solution. Allow it to sit no more than 20 minutes, and then thoroughly rinse.

Drying Time: Allow wood to dry for 2-4 days before applying stain.

Apply a Wood Preservative: Apply Sashco’s Tim-Bor® Wood Preservative for protection against wood rot and insects. Allow wood to dry at least 2-4 days before applying Transformation Log & Timber Stain. (Use a moisture meter to check it!)



Transformation Log & Timber Stain is a flexible oil-based finish that can be successfully applied over the following finishes

Transformation is compatible with all Sashco Caulking and Chinking Products including Conceal Textured Caulk, Log Builder Log Home Caulk, and Log Jam Synthetic Chinking.


Clean brushes and equipment used to apply Transformation Log & Timber with mineral spirits. Hands may be cleaned with citrus-based hand cleaners, and then washed with soap and water. Follow local, state and federal guidelines for disposing of empty cans or any unused product.


Do not store in direct sunlight or hot conditions. Tightly reseal opened containers and store at temperatures between 40˚F and 90˚F (10˚C – 32˚C).


Safety Data Sheet

SDS for Transformation Log & Timber StainClick here for this product’s Safety Data Sheets (SDS)


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