Log Gap Caps for Log Siding

The Siding Profile Log Gap Cap for Log Siding is an easy to use,  pre-cut foam insert specially designed to more closely match the unique curvature of log siding applications for sealing around doors and windows.

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  • Pre-cut foam inserts
  • Siding Profile Log Gap Caps are constructed of material resistant to mold, rot and bacteria
  • Will not absorb moisture.
  • Siding Profile Log Gap Caps increase energy efficiency.
  • Engineered from ¾” closed cell flexible foam, the Siding Profile compresses and remains in place with little or no caulking required.

Available Sizes:

Sized as a hyperbolic triangle where the longest dimension is base. (all sizes +/-1/8”)

Small Siding Profile- fits typically 5” – 6” siding widths

Large Siding Profile- fits typically 7” – 8” siding widths


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